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 WTJ Petio

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PostSubject: WTJ Petio   Sun Aug 04, 2013 2:46 pm

Character Name: xXxPeTiOxXx
RL name:Petio
Country: Bulgaria
Character Level: 190
Character Class: Wa
Character nation: Procyon
Character Creation date: 2009-04-05
Achievement score: 2299
Honor (lv/%): 20
Nation: Erinyes is Procyon nation, if you are Capella will you change?
Well most of you know that I am Procyon so i don't need to change my nation Smile
What was your old guild and why did you leave it?
Narayan and Emrypean. Narayan was disbanded.I left Emrypean because there arent many active players and its hard to find a party for dungeons
Why do you want to join Erinyes?
I would like to join Erinyes because there are many active player and if I get in i would have the opportunity to find party much easier and find some new friend Smile
Your Cabal Story:
I started playing back in 2008. My first char was a wiz but i didnt like it so i decided to play with warrior and thats my current char
Why should we recruit you in Erinyes?
I am active player and always rdy to spam dg. I am active on tg and i think i would be useful for u there as well
Weapon(s):Simgetal GS + 15 84/14
Gloves:Mith gloves + 15 7 amp 4 skill exp
Suit: Mith suit +15 7amp 5 hp auto heal
Boots: Mith Boots + 15 7 amp 5 hp auto heal
Helm: Sh Tit Helm + 15 40/7

Epaulet: Eof+8
Ring1: Killian's Ring
Ring2: Leth Tyrant's Ring
Ring3: Cr+2
Ring4: Rol+2
Ring5: Cr+2 for bma
Amulet: Aop+6
Earings: Ve+6 and Drosin 40% hp steal
Bracelets: Bof+7 and Prideus's Bracalet 14cd and 2 amp
Charm:Minesta's Sapphire Charm+5
Board/bike: K-Red

Pet: 1x MaxCr 1xCd and rest are craps

CD rune lvl: max
Amp rune lvl: max
Atk rune lvl: max
Vamp rune lvl: max
HP rune lvl:max
def rune lvl: max
max crit rune lvl: max
INT rune lvl:max
DEX rune lvl:max
STR rune lvl:max

Blended runes:
I don't have blended runes

Dungeons (party dung only):
EOD3:went once just because i've never had the chance to find a good party
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PostSubject: Re: WTJ Petio   Sun Aug 04, 2013 2:48 pm

Thank you for your application, we'll discuss it and let you know the result in few days.
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PostSubject: Re: WTJ Petio   Mon Aug 05, 2013 7:47 pm

Hi! I'm sorry to announce but your application is denied. Good luck!
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PostSubject: Re: WTJ Petio   

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WTJ Petio
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