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PostSubject: Hello   Hello I_icon_minitimeMon Aug 12, 2013 8:19 pm

Hello guys i waited a bit and decided to create an application.I know that minimal requrements are 170 lv but atm i am 169 and i am bringer when i give away the title i will instant lv to 170+:
Character Name: WizQueen
RL name:Nikolay
Country: Bulgaria
Character Level: 169(96%)
Character Class: Wizzard
Character nation: Procyon <3
Character Creation date:2009-1-12
Achievement score: 1670
Honor (lv/%):11 rank (88%)working on it.
What was your old guild : My old guild was ErrorCode06.
Why you left it : I left it because it is inactive .I joined in to help to one my fr oupapala but he went inactive mode and i have nothing to do there ...
Why do you want to join Erinyes? I want to join to Erinyes because i was there before and i know what was the situation there -friendly ppl,spamming dungs and TG,was there for about 2 and a half years and this was really funny period of my playing history Smile
Your Cabal Story:My cabal history is not really interesting but imma try to express it in some words i started to play in the beggining of 2007 with FS.I was in NoG and it was really nice time to play because of old CA and so on (was my first guild)Than the guild whent inactive mode and i joined to NF was there and i took long brake ,when i came back something happened and NF was sepparated in 2 guilds.
Why you should reqruit me? Well at this stage i am not really usefull atleast for MO and higher dungs but i am going to try to improve myself as fast as i can :)I play like 5-6 hours at a day if i am not on work so i can go a lot of dung .
Weapons:Sig orb + 13 - 38dmg,Topaz + 12 30 dmg
Gloves:Mystic 7 amp + 9
Boots: Mystic 7 amp +11
Suit:Osm 7 amp 50 hp + 10
Helm:Shadowtita +9 40/

Eos+8-trying to sell to buy better orb and other stuffs as i rpomised to Holy
merga ring
Vamp+6/dross 60 sef 15 max hp
Bos+6 Prideus 10 dmg 2 amp
charm + 3

Pet:Fancy zard 2 magik amp -1 max rate -8magik attack

HP-15 lv
Amp-1 lv
magik attack-9lv
I am farming AP atm

DOnt have Blanded ones


I hope i didnt miss something Smile

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Hello Empty
PostSubject: Re: Hello   Hello I_icon_minitimeMon Aug 12, 2013 8:22 pm

Hi! The minimum level to join Erinyes is lv180. Feel free to apply again when you hit this level.
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