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 Z0ro application

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PostSubject: Z0ro application   Mon Sep 02, 2013 7:07 pm

Character Name: Z0roRoronoa
Age: 21
RL name: Cla
Country: Italy
Character Level:190
Character Class: BL
Character nation: proc
Character Creation date: 2009 / 09 / 11
Achievement score: 2300+
Honor (lv/%): 12 ( really uber hr)
Nation: Erinyes is Procyon nation, if you are Capella will you change?

What was your old guild and why did you leave it?
my ex guild was in mercury but i lefted it because everyone was selfish and greedy , including gm

Why do you want to join Erinyes?
i want to join Erinyes because i have a lot of friend in it ( all IF) and i think that's a nice guild

Your Cabal Story:
i play cabal since 2009 in mercury but it' first time that i see a application system i really dont know what i can wrote here about my history...i play bl from ages and it's the only one char that i done

Why should we recruit you in Erinyes?
because i think taht i can help in guild and ofc i like speak/jokes and so on with guild ^^and i'm used to speak in ts

Weapon(s):2x mith 42/14  craft   +15  
Gloves: 10 sig amp +15
Suit:10 sig amp +15
Boots:10 sig amp +15
Helm: 42/7 bluestin +15

Epaulet: eof+8
Ring1: cr+2
Ring2: rol+2
Ring3: leth
Ring4: killian
Amulet: aop+6
Earings: ve+7
Bracelets: bof+8
Charm: amber +5
Board/bike: rw3 work in progress

Pet: nice pet and he follow me everywhere *-*

Runes: all max , except dmg reduction
CD rune lvl:
Amp rune lvl:
Atk rune lvl:
Vamp rune lvl:
HP rune lvl:
def rune lvl:
max crit rune lvl:
INT rune lvl:
DEX rune lvl:
STR rune lvl:

Blended runes: 2x III   , missing cure III

Dungeons (party dung only):
FI:  200+
IC2: 150
FT2: 700
MO: 800
EOD3: really a lot ofc

mostly i play solo

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PostSubject: Re: Z0ro application   Mon Sep 02, 2013 7:21 pm

Thank you for your application, we'll discuss it and let you know the result in 1-2 days..

[Erinyes facebook
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PostSubject: Re: Z0ro application   Mon Sep 02, 2013 8:04 pm

updates previous apply, sorry for misses fields
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PostSubject: Re: Z0ro application   Tue Sep 03, 2013 5:11 pm

Welcome in Erinyes!

Your application is accepted.

You will be placed on a 3 weeks trial, good luck.
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PostSubject: Re: Z0ro application   

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Z0ro application
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