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 Erinyes Guild Rules

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PostSubject: Erinyes Guild Rules    Mon Jan 07, 2013 9:30 am

Hello people,
Dear guildmates and people interested to join our guild.
For proper control on the guild and to avoid any misunderstanding I have decided to write up some basic guild rules we all have to respect.
This will represent the essence of the guild philosophy.

The rules MUST be respected and followed by ALL members at ALL time. Breaching of it will be dealt accordingly.


a. Erinyes guild is a family and everyone should respect other guild members.
b. What is talked on guild chat stays inside the guild and should not be repeated outside guild or on msn/facebook/skype/TS or w/e form of communication to a third-party person.
c. No insult, sexist, racism, communalism or allusion to hurt anyone will be allowed.
d. You should not PK guild members intentionally.
e. Guild chat is in ENGLISH
f. Hackers/botters/Scammers or any 3rd party program users will be kicked instantly from the guild. No hacker will be tolerated. We will report you if possible.
g. Erinyes is a Procyon guild, if you wanna join and your Capella then during your trial you need to change to Procyon.

a. If there is a Commander/ Guildmaster in the party, he must be the party leader and he will loot all items, unless he decides otherwise.
b. As far as possible, "Trial members" will not be given party lead.

a. All "good" drops must be reported in guild chat, and if a guild member want to buy it he should get at least 10% discount compared to free market price, ie AH price or Chan 1 price. (excluding trial members).
b. If the guild member was in the party that drops the item, he gets at least 20% discount compared to free market price(his shares included+members), ie AH price or Chan 1 price.(including trial members).
c. Party member of a drop has priority over guild members for buying the item.
d. If you bought an item at "guild price", you must not resell the item. If you think of doing it as a business, adequate action will be taken.
e. If you wanna buy a guild price item, you should pay cash NOW (others need money to buy stuffs too), no credit allowed.
f. Credit allowed for BIG value item, 2b+ worth. Where the buyer need to pay 50% minimum to party at time of deal, and rest of alz as and when decided.
g. If ONE party member dont want to sell on credit, the party SHOULD NOT sell it. It will be sold on open market, and alz will be shared.
h. Members buying items at guild price and resell it (obviously to make profit) will be put on a blacklist, and while his name is on the blacklist, Guild price will not apply for him.

a. Tyrant ring: The member must give away his cr+2 to the other members (It doesn't matter if he was in party and not). In case he doesn't have any cr+2, he does not have the right to loot for the ring (This does not apply if you were in party at the start of the dungeon).
In case you were in party and ring drop(But you do not have any cr+2), you can loot for it. For that matter, the party members will check the price of the cr+2 reducing 10% from ah price and give you 2 weeks to pay back the party members(your shares excluded).
Rules can be bypass for the Tyrant ring if the party members decides otherwise.
b. Drei Frame: Char bind Drei will stay for free. If in any case a good unbinded drei drops and one of the member will use it, then depending on certain factors will determine the price to pay to the other members(you have 2weeks to pay if you do not have any alz):
-Initial price: 100kk
-Cost per amp on the item(Except helm): 50kk (Example: 15 amp drops, the price will be 15x50 +initial cost)
-Cost per critical damage for helm: 2.5kk
-Cost per crit rate for helm: 3kk
-Cost per amp for helm: 5kk
-Slotted(helm excluded): 25kk if slotted
Example:The maximum price you pay for the unbinded drei will be 875kk(initial price + 15amp + slot).
This rule does not apply if you were not in party(Discount rules will then apply in this case).
c. Merga Ring: If one of the guild member drops the ring and was in party, the guy which aquires the ring should give away 20kk to the one that droped the ring.
d. Killian Ring: The usual discount rules applies.
e. Tempus Ring: If one of the member aquires the ring he should pay 15kk per party member(Maximum total cost would be 90kk).
f. Awakened Tyrant Ring: If one of the member aquires the ring he should pay 30kk per party member(Maximum total cost would be 90kk).
g. Prideus Bracelet: Same as Drei Frame Rules except for the pricing: 20kk per amp/10kk per critical damage/250k per attack (Maximum price to pay should be 210kk).
h. Drosnin Earing: Same as Drei Frame Rules except for the pricing: 600k per 5 hp limit/600k per 5 HP/600k per 5 defence.
i. Lycanus Weapon: Same as Drei Frame Rules except for the pricing: 15kk per amp/ 10kk per cdm/500k per attack (other option or slot are not considered)

a. Applications not in required format or not meeting the required English standard will automatically be rejected.
b. An application MUST be posted by the applicant himself. Application posted by someone else or from another account will be rejected. All new applicants MUST register a NEW forum account, and post application from THIS account.
c. We (the guildmembers/commanders/Guildmaster) can reject an application without the need to justify ourselves, even if the applicant meets all requirements/application is perfect.
d. Players having reputation on the server as being Hackers, Scammers, Alz buyers or sellers, wont get accepted here. (No need to justify ourselves). The reputation of the guild as Hacker-free, is the prime objective.
e. If you apply to other guilds you will NOT get accepted in Erinyes (whatever be the other guild).
f. All information on your application MUST be TRUE and COMPLETE. If we found out later that you lied or hid important information your application will be rejected.
g. If you were kicked while you were inactive and you were a CONFIRMED member of the guild, just PM a commander/GM to invite you back, when you are active again. No new application required.

a. ALL new members to Erinyes will be on TRIAL for maximum 3 weeks

b. Factors (among others) that determine if you passed the trial are:
- How active you are?
- Your personality?
- Your activity with/without guild members?
- How you communicate?
- Reputation/ views/ how others perceive you?
c. To judge if you passed the trial will be depend on votes and comment of the guild members.
d. You will fail the trial and get kicked if:
- You was caught hacking/botting or doing anything illegal (according to cabal online rules).
- You are inactive.
- You are a problem-maker for the guild (inside and/or outside guild).
- You broke any of the Guild Rules.
- If your 3 weeks trial expires and nothing special is found in you.
- And for any other reason the Guildmaster or the commanders think is right.
e. You will get FULL forum access only AFTER passing the trial.
f. If your trial is passed, you need to switch to proc side (This means you can stay caps until your trial pass but not as a full member)

a. Being in Erinyes means you accept those rules by default.
b. All applicant to Erinyes must read and accept these rules before posting applications. By posting an application means you have read and accepted the rules.


Best Regards,

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PostSubject: Re: Erinyes Guild Rules    Mon Feb 11, 2013 11:50 am

Editted rules on trial.
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PostSubject: Re: Erinyes Guild Rules    Mon Jul 22, 2013 8:06 am

Rules Updated
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PostSubject: Re: Erinyes Guild Rules    Thu Sep 19, 2013 11:24 pm

Updated trial rules
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PostSubject: Re: Erinyes Guild Rules    

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Erinyes Guild Rules
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