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 Illus0nist application

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PostSubject: Illus0nist application   Mon May 05, 2014 8:48 pm

Character Name:Illusi0nist
RL name:Devecseri Ricsi
Country: Hungary
Character Level: 190
Character Class: FA
Character nation: Procyon
Character Creation date:2008/10/17
Achievement score:2721
Honor (lv/%): 13(41%)
Nation: Erinyes is Procyon nation, if you are Capella will you change? I am procyon already!

What was your old guild and why did you leave it?
Actually , it was nothing and ToghetherasOne at the same time.
I was in Toghertherasone with FA but mostly played on my lv 170 WI and if praty came up, I played on my Fa.
I left because my friend Isaac is there and i wanna belong to a strong guild .

Why do you want to join Erinyes?
I really like to play cabal , still enjoying after 5 years , and i really really wanna belong to strong partyable guild , also for some new friends tho Razz

Your Cabal Story:Started playing 2008/09/10 My first char was Bl , but i also made a WI and FA too , wanted to try out the characters. I got some break , its mostly because of school thingy , you know , exams and such , but i always came back to play . I am active , friendly and mostly up for everything.

Why should we recruit you in Erinyes?
Because i heard you need some good FAs

Weapon(s):Craftsman Topaz Orb+15 36 dmg [2/2] Sigmetal Orb +9 7amp 20 dmg
Gloves:Craftsman mith +9
Suit:osmi +15 7 mamp 2 maxcr [1/1]
Boots:Sigmetal +15 8 amp
Helm:osmi +11 24/15

Earings:2x drosnin [10 def/30 def / 20 hp steal ] [10hp steal / 20 hp steal / 30 def ] + one more dros full hp steal
Bracelets: got like 6 prideus  but i use the 5 amp 7 dmg and 12dmg 3 amp
Charm:amber +5

Pet:lv 10 turtle  nobie slots 3 resist crit rate / hp / dmg / 2 evasion / mamp/  2 resist unmov

CD rune lvl: max
Amp rune lvl: max
Atk rune lvl: max
Vamp rune lvl:max
HP rune lvl:max
def rune lvl:max
max crit rune lvl: lv2
INT rune lvl: dont have yet
DEX rune lvl:lv6
STR rune lvl: dont have yet

Blended runes:
Sensibility I
ForceDance I

Dungeons (party dung only):
EOD3: 0 yet :S

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Location : Hungary
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PostSubject: Re: Illus0nist application   Mon May 05, 2014 8:56 pm

Just noticed that i dont have INT rune so i bought one made it to +5 and also maxed mx cr rune !
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PostSubject: Re: Illus0nist application   Mon May 05, 2014 10:00 pm

Hello, thank you for your application. We will discuss about it and let you know in 1-2 days.
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PostSubject: Re: Illus0nist application   Tue May 06, 2014 9:08 pm

Welcome in Erinyes!

Your application is accepted.

You will be placed on a 3 weeks trial, good luck.

PM for join : Pepi88,KillerSoja, DebuffReturns,Chanelll

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PostSubject: Re: Illus0nist application   

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Illus0nist application
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