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 Anomandarist's application

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PostSubject: Anomandarist's application   Wed Jul 30, 2014 12:25 pm

Character Name: Anomandarist
Age: 25
RL name: David
Country: Hungary
Character Level: 190
Character Class: FB
Character nation: Procyon
Character Creation date: 2010/02/16
Achievement score: 2292
Honor (lv/%): 15 (3.00%)

What was your old guild and why did you leave it?

Sincerity. I left, because it was a hungarian guild with very few active and fewer strong players. Most of the online players were about 160 lvl and I got bored of running dungeons with 4-5 ppl when it should be duo.

Why do you want to join Erinyes?

I would like to be in a guild, where most members are high leveled, decent geared and experienced, in case we want to run some dungeons. Also I have a few friends here, and I know a lot of the members already, from old times.

Your Cabal Story:

Started four years ago, and had 2x1 year breaks. I returned four months ago and I'm very active since then.

Why should we recruit you in Erinyes?

Because I'm a sexy force blader with not too bad set and a lot of experience. I'm also friendly (sometimes), helpful (some-sometimes) and active (atm).


Weapon(s): Redosmium Blade +15 40% dmg 2/2 extr., Sigmetal Cry +15 40% dmg 1/3 extr.
Gloves: Sigmetal +15 8% amp 2% hpsteal 5 attack 1/3 extr.
Suit: Shadowtitanium +15 7%amp/3% maxrate 80 hp
Boots: Bluestin +15 12% amp 80 hp
Helm: Shadowtitanium +15 40% dmg


Epaulet: Eof+8
Ring1: Cr2
Ring2: Cr2
Ring3: Killian's
Ring4: Leth Tyrant's
Amulet: Aop+6
Earings: Ve+7 x2
Bracelets: Prideus 12%dmg 3% amp, Prideus 12% dmg 1%amp
Charm: Amber +5
Board/bike: K-red
Belt: Minesta's Fighter +7
Effector: Art of Curse effector -100 dmg reduce, -10% resist crit dmg

Pet: lvl 10 Little Gry 4%dmg 1% amp


CD rune lvl: max
Amp rune lvl: max
Atk rune lvl: max
Vamp rune lvl: 2
HP rune lvl:max
def rune lvl: max
max crit rune lvl: max
INT rune lvl:-
DEX rune lvl: 7
STR rune lvl: -

Blended runes: -

Dungeons (party dung only):

FI: 177
AOS2: 322
IC2: 173
FT2: 941
MO: 841
EOD3: 0

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PostSubject: Re: Anomandarist's application   Wed Jul 30, 2014 12:47 pm

Hello, thank you for your application. We will discuss about it and let you know in 1-2 days.
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PostSubject: Re: Anomandarist's application   Thu Jul 31, 2014 9:07 am


[Erinyes facebook
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PostSubject: Re: Anomandarist's application   

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Anomandarist's application
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